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35T Piedmont Hoist & Crane Install

Out with the old!

After 40 years in service, this old crane was ready to be retired. With major expansion over the last 20 years, our customer had two cranes in use that began to cause issues in production.

The failure of either crane would shut the facility down, halting production and costing the company tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

In with the new!

Once we understood everything they needed, we knew we had to bring in Piedmont Hoist & Crane with a 35T hot metal crane. This brand is known for its high quality and versatility. They are able to custom build cranes like this one to fit any application.

**Fun Fact: The original crane we replaced arrived by train in 1967!

Completed Ahead of Schedule - that's a WIN!

Now with a new 35T Piedmont installed, our customer can not only maximize uptime without fear of equipment failure but rest assured they are working with a much smoother, safer crane customized for their production needs.

Ready for an upgrade?

Give us a call for a free consultation to see what's possible for your facility.

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